Spiritus Christi Mental Health Center
Are you or someone you love having problems at home, at work, or in school?
Would you like to talk with someone about mental health care, but don’t know where to go or whom to call?
Have you tried to get help but found out that you could not afford the cost?

Some Reasons People Call Us

Some Ways We Help 
We talk about problems in individual, couple, family, and 
group therapy, so that they become better understood and possible solutions may be identified.

We can prescribe medications so that certain problems may 
become more manageable.


Welcome to the Mental Health Center

For more information on the Mental Health Center’s programs,

                                  please call 585.325.1180

• Depression
• Trauma
• Poverty
• Anxiety
• Grief
• Abuse
• Recovery
• Sexuality
• Addiction

• Chronic illness
• Social isolation
• Work problems
• School problems
• Family problems
• Domestic violence
• Relationship problems

We can help you apply for public assistance (DHHS), vocational and educational services (VESID), social security disability (SSD) & supplemental security income (SSI), so that your problems with food, clothing, housing, health insurance, work and income may be worked through. 
We create comfortable ways for you to meet other people with similar problems, so that you can expand your circle of support. 

Our volunteer staff of nurses, therapists, 
doctors, counselors, social workers and 
advocates provide access to consultation 
and medications free of charge.

The Living Room
Wednesday afternoons, 1:00 - 6:00
For more information, call 325-1180, ext 114.

You’re Invited to The Living Room. Our peer support program, where volunteers offer coffee, tea, and a safe place to heal and grow. In The Living Room, men and women with real life problems create a nonjudgmental space in which people can share their struggles, offer encouragement, and exchange coping strategies. Folks bring problems ranging from parenting dilemmas to pain from past abuse, to living with a diagnosable mental illness.

In the Living Room, relationships are built on mutuality, shared power, and respect.

Wesley's Mothers
Wesley's Mothers Peer Support Group
Tuesday afternoons, 1:00 - 2:30
For more information, call Maureen at 325-1180, ext. 114

Wesley's Mothers is a peer support group for mothers whose children are in county, State, or Federal Correctional Facilities. The moms who attend say they finally have a place where they're understood. A place where they can talk about the shame, self-blame, isolation, fear, and helplessness they experience in relation to both their children's poor choices and the conditions of their children's lives behind bars.

It's an anonymous and open group where mothers offer and receive support!

Support Groups


Beginning Wednesday, October 8 - Meets second and fourth Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

For more information call Maureen @ 325-1180 x 114

This support group is for those who have a loved one struggling with mental health issues or who have mental health issues themselves. You are welcome to attend even if you cannot commit to every week.


Meets first, third and fifth Wednesday from 6-7:30pm

For more information call Maureen @ 325-1180 x 114

For people who have experienced the death of a loved one or are preparing for the death of a loved one. You are welcome to attend even if you cannot commit to every week.

Maureen Marlow,
RN, CASAC, Director
585-325-1180 ext. 114

Eileen Hurley,
Urban Youth Outreach Program Coordinator


Amy Durkee, 
Administrative Associate
585-325-1180, ext. 112

Monday thru Thursday

Daytime and evening sessions
by appointment


Licensed clinicians can volunteer as little as 1 hour every week or 2 to provide care for those in need.  Our volunteers love their time here:  There is almost no paperwork, and they get to work with highly-motivated individuals.

Help out with fundraising:  Provide legal consultations, massage or other services.  If you have something you would like to offer give us a call.

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